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As a host family in Thompson Rivers Homestay Program, you will have a rewarding experience learning about another culture and representing Canada and Canadians.

Most of our international students come from the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia.  We are also seeing an increasing number of students from Mexico, South America and Europe.  They come to TRU for English language training and post-secondary education.  They usually understand the English language better than speak it.  Homestay offers the students an excellent opportunity to develop and practice their conversational skills, as well as to experience Canadian culture in a friendly family setting.

Host families are expected to provide the students with reasonable daily requirements.  Each student should have a private room with adequate furnishings.  He/she should be treated as a member of the family, sharing meals and participating in the family's routine and social activities.  The student should have reasonable access to all the household facilities.

Host families are not expected to give the international students special treatment as such.  However, these students will appreciate warm and friendly support from their Canadian hosts.

Please use this site for information, news and updates for TRU's host families. Please feel free to contact one of our ISAs(International Student Advisors) or me if you need more information.

Thank you for your cooperation with us.

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